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Fear is a relationship killer

By Rob Furlong
One theme has dominated news headlines recently – toilet paper supplies in our supermarkets are running low as a result of “panic buying” by large numbers of the Australian population.
One reason suggested is the false belief that toilet paper can be used as a face mask to protect you from contracting the Coronavirus.
Now we are getting to the root cause of this erratic behaviour – fear – fear induced by the threat the Coronavirus outbreak represents.
But what does this have to do with relationships?
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Criminal set free

Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

This man was a real outlaw. For years he got away with it. His main grudge was against the government and he made his feelings known. Demonstrations in the street were no quiet affair for him. Under his shirt was a knife, always ready for action.

Any opposition had to watch carefully or they would be on the receiving end of his anger. In fact, there came a day in a street fight when he slew a man in cold blood.

As we know, crime doesn’t pay — at least most of the time. Behind bars he awaited his death sentence to be carried out. But instead, one morning, the authorities set him free. Straight out the door. Gone.

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Amazing acts of courage

Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

In a world where greed and selfishness seem so prevalent, it is heartening to hear of something very different. Now and again a courageous and unselfish act takes the headlines. In recent days we have heard of someone risking his life by running into a burning house to rescue a small child. Another case saw a man furiously working to save a person trapped in a burning vehicle, dragging him free and in the process taking the chance on being badly injured.

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Easter surprise

Article for Easter 2020

We know well in advance that Easter is on the way by all the Easter eggs and hot cross buns that the shops start selling around Valentine’s Day. The swiftness with which the year marches towards the holiday may take us by surprise but the long weekend certainly doesn’t.

However, nearly two thousand years ago that first Easter morning came as a complete surprise to those who had watched Jesus arrested, tried and crucified.

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