Donate to the work of Challenge

If you wish to contribute to the work of Challenge Literature Fellowship financially, there are a number of ways you can send money.

However you send your donation, please tell us if you wish to direct it to a particular area within challenge. Please also include your address so we can send you a receipt.

The most cost effective way that you can donate is by direct deposit into our bank account. Contact us  for details.

(On the paypal site click on the 0.00 and enter in the amount you are donating)
Donate, online, to our Australian account.

Donate, online, to our USA account.

You can send a cheque, see the office locations page for the addresses. It costs us about $10 Australian to process a foreign cheque.

You can donate by credit card over the phone to our Australian account, see the office locations page for the Australian phone number. (Our time zone is GMT+8)

Any information you may give to us will not be shared with anyone out side of Challenge.
We do not normally give refunds.