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My beef with the series Beef

By Harriet Coombe
Have you heard of the new Netflix television series Beef?
I had heard it was wildly popular and thought I would check it out.
It’s a dark comedy drama series by Korean director Lee Sung Jin. In the first episode, we are introduced to the titular “beef” – Danny and Amy are involved in a road rage incident. Neither will let the incident go, and the strangers quickly become enemies. Over the course of the season, their acts of revenge only escalate.
Without wanting to give too much away, the series does not end well for anyone.
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Is it ever payback time?

“Never take your own revenge…”
The man who penned these words, Paul the Apostle, was writing to a group of people who were living in a city and world that was hostile to their beliefs and values and they often found themselves the victims of unjust treatment.
When we are treated unfairly, it is natural for us to feel angry and revengeful. Thoughts of “payback” arise within us, and we imagine scenarios where we are the one in control and we give the culprit “what he or she deserves.”
Well, at least I do!
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Revenge is sweet – so they say!

Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

Acts of retribution are often far beyond what is fitting
Right now there are a lot of people hell-bent on getting even. A wrong has been done to them and they won’t rest until there is some pay-back.

Revenge can become serious, with fists, stones and even bombs flying. People can get badly hurt or killed — and unfortunately we seem to hear about it almost every day.Continue reading

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