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The proof of the pudding

Tips for Life
by Alan Bailey

Yes, the pudding may look good, even smell good, but the proof of what it promises to be is found by eating it. The one who partakes uses his taste buds and then gives an assessment.

We follow this procedure with many issues day by day. Advertising surrounds us. Claims for this and that product appeal for our attention and our money. Much of the time we have little or no idea of the truth of the claims that are made until we try for ourselves — until we taste and see.

A challenge that needs an answer
Right now, all around the world, we are experiencing an onslaught against the claims of the Christian gospel. Many voices are joined in a chorus of doubt and scepticism meant to unsettle those who believe. But there is one area where it seems little or no consideration is being given; the matter of Christian experience.Continue reading

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