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Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Tips for Life

By Alan Bailey

DO you ever wonder where the human race is heading? Is it flat out going downhill to its own destruction or is there a bright peaceful future on the way? Opinions will range between these poles but I fancy pessimism is in the majority. There are so many signs of civilization coming apart at the seams. Acts of cruelty, oppression and war are on the increase. Weapons are becoming more frightening as technology advances. We look to national leaders to navigate the way forward, but agreement is hard to find. Hatreds, prejudices and cruel ideologies keep getting in the way.

Do you wonder if anyone is in charge, in a sovereign way, ruling over everything? The reports we see and hear from the media day after day don’t encourage the idea. All seems so random, outcomes seem so unsatisfactory, human wisdom and human nature disappoint—let’s face it. We are not able to rescue ourselves.

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