Lessons from a Sausage Dog – part 23

From being someone five years ago who wasn’t very interested in pets, to the doggie lover I am today, has only taken the intervention of one little sausage dog – my shorthaired, tan standard dachshund Carrie.

In the last eight years our house has slowly accumulated several sausage dog touches in the form of ornaments and pictures. I even have sausage dogs on my shower cap and PJs!

And Carrie, herself has five beds scattered around the house, as well as an outdoor bed, and her own drawer for her paraphernalia.

We have also adjusted our routines to the little dog. We sleep with our bedroom door open so that she can go out at night if she needs to; we only walk one lap of the park oval because she refuses to do another; I have to get up and give her treats when I watch TV, otherwise she pesters me until I do; and she has to be let out of the house to greet new arrivals otherwise she “sings” at the front door.

Today, our pets are assuming a greater part of our lives. 65 percent of dog owners, in one survey, admitted to taking more photos of their pet than their significant other. 47 percent of couples said leaving their pet for a week would be more difficult than their leaving their partner.

All this to say, pets can take over a good deal of our budget, heart, time and lap space but we must remember they are our pets, not our children, and certainly they should never become our objects of worship.

C.S. Lewis told the story of a woman who thought her cat was God. Unfortunately, this kept her from enjoying her cat and knowing God. Our pets can be great sources of happiness, but they can’t make us whole.

Our worship should be reserved for that which is fills us with awe and wonder. The ancients used to worship the sun or moon or thunder for that very reason. However, in the modern world we tend to worship much humbler things like rock stars or money – or pets. The true and living God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Creator of all things and the Giver of Life, is in truth the only one worthy of our complete allegiance and undying devotion. Love your dog, but bow to your God.

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