A letter from God to those feeling unloved

Dear Child, I heard when you said today
That your life has no purpose or worth,
And I cried because it’s had meaning
Since before the foundations of earth.

I knit you together in the depth of the womb
And I’ve numbered the hairs on your head.
I’ve cherished each smile, I’ve caught every tear
I’ve heard all the words that you’ve said.

I’ve remembered your birthday when others forgot
I’ve chartered the course of your life
And I’ve been there in the sickness, the sorrow and pain
In the hurt and the anger and strife.

But each time I’ve come close, You’ve pushed me away,
And said that you don’t need the church.
But I’m not a tradition – I’m a person, a friend,
I’m the answer, the end of your search.

‘Cause as long as you try to find meaning
In the meaningless things of this world
You’ll continue feeling lonely and broken,
Purposeless and unfulfilled.

If your body is aching and your heart is a wound
And your mind is a place of despair,
Place the mess of your life in My Almighty hands
I made you and I can repair.

You see, nothing you’ve done is so awful
That I can’t forgive or restore
Because the blood that I shed at Calvary
Can cleanse all your sins and then more.

I stand at the door of your heart and I knock
And I want to come in and bring peace
To reveal all those things that you long for
Blessings, abundance, release.

My name’s Jesus Christ, My Father is God,
His Spirit’s the one who is guide
Child, you’ll never know healing or wholeness or love
‘Til your heart is the place We reside.

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