Want something new?

Tips for Life

by Alan Bailey

Many new things come into our homes and our lives around Christmas. And what excitement it all generates! Hot on the heels of all the new things is a new year with all its hopes and prospects. Probably some new joys, new experiences, new faces — and new problems.

When each day dawns we look to the sky to see the weather. We read the paper to find out what’s new. We’re always on the lookout for something different to make life more enjoyable and interesting. It is only natural.

A common experience
Have you ever looked forward to a new start? A new job, or maybe, a move to another house in another district. Perhaps a new school or college. Hopes are high for everything to take on a new colour, for an increased income, for conditions to make life just wonderful. But somehow it all fails to come together. Strangely, the old creeps back. The problems haven’t gone away; they just slip out from the shadows and stare at us once again.

It’s often like this with marriage. This one won’t be like the first. No, not with this person. Things go well for a while, then some all-too-familiar scenes take place. Stand offs, misunderstandings, hurt feelings — bringing surprise to both parties. Figures show that a higher proportion of second marriages fail than first ones.

We are hard to convince
For some reason we seem certain that more favourable circumstances and improved relationships will guarantee the happiness we want. We look for a sudden fortune, a new romance, a surprising new door of opportunity. So often they come with promise but leave us with a sense of emptiness. They don’t deliver the goods.

A basic mistake
We keep forgetting that though circumstances may change, we don’t. In our hearts we are the same. Wherever we go, we take our real selves with us. It’s what’s inside us that needs changing, not what’s around us.

This is why Jesus came at that first Christmas. He came to make all things new, including the hearts of men and women.

God is not patching up the old, He is bringing people to Himself and making them new. They have a new relationship with Him, a new start, a new life. All because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

The last two chapters of the Bible describe a little of the glorious future Christ has prepared for us. Then he makes the invitation: “Come! Whoever is thirsty, let him come, and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life” (Revelation chapter 22, verse 17).

There will be no disappointment here. Guaranteed.

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