Who can you trust?

By Alan Bailey

THERE was a time when trusting others was normal. We had faith in human nature to a point. Institutions were solid, having our confidence. A saying was “as safe as a bank.”

But now the banks have let us down. Whatever next? A recent royal commission has revealed that banks have drawn money from accounts of deceased people over a period of years; they have maintained insurance policies that were worthless, and by various shady deals have taken money from clients who have been unaware.

Sadly, the word of another is getting harder to believe, making cynicism and distrust the emerging forces of today. The media is keeping us informed of scams and swindles and rackets and rorts. Meantime, our faith in human nature is taking a nosedive. Little wonder the average person is unimpressed by political rhetoric, hard sell and televangelists.

We make victims of each other when we tell lies. Someone gets hurt, someone is let down. Children are hurt when parents promise something and fail to deliver. Husbands and wives are hurt when promises – even wedding vows – are dishonoured.

There was a time when honesty was held up as a virtue. The saying went: “a man’s word is his bond.” But now we see something else being practised. Clever talk and persuasiveness from public figures, deceit in advertising, shoddy work done for excessive charges, disregard for law, marital unfaithfulness – and the list goes on.

Those who cry out that the truth must come out and justice must be done can rest assured that it will. God has promised it and here is a word we can trust. “Vengeance is mine; I will repay” says the Lord (Romans 12:19).

All those who are disillusioned by their fellow human beings need not give up in despair. There is a place to put your faith. There is One who will not, who cannot, lie. God who keeps His word. A word that assures us of His love, that tells us of all that He has done for us in Christ, dealing with our sins through the cross and offering us eternal life.

As one who has placed his faith in a faithful Lord, I can only recommend to you that you do the same. He is the rock that doesn’t move. He cannot deny Himself. As Jesus said when He was here “I am the truth” (John 14:6). “He who trusts in Him shall never be disappointed” (Romans 10:11).

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