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Does your church have a specific approach to evangelism and a strategic plan on how to achieve the great commission?

85% of the local community does not know who their local churches are or what churches actually do on Sunday (or during the week)!

Only 5% of church members report sharing their faith on a regular basis.


Challenge is all about assisting the local pastor and leadership to mobilize their church.

Spanish edition
  • As a mission tool to reach the local community with the Gospel and spread news of church events and activities.
  • It’s a great resource to have around any local business. It helps to get the Good News out to where people are.
  • It provides an easy opportunity to have a personal ministry with your neighbors, co-workers, and family members.
  • Take Challenge along with you as a tool to start spiritual conversations with people you interact with every day.

Challenge prints the General (English) edition 6-times a year and a Hispanic (Spanish) edition, printed 4-times a year.

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“If you are looking for a publication that can enhance your evangelism efforts in your local church context, this could be what you are looking for.
I would like to ask you to read a copy of the Challenge newspaper, look it over and examine its contents. Isn’t it a great reflection of the gospel that tells true, life changing and life touching stories? Couldn’t you find a place for it in your evangelism platform?”

Jack Helton
State Evangelism Director, Ohio
Southern Baptist Convention