Lessons from a Sausage Dog – part 5

During the school holidays my teenagers are usually at home with our little sausage dog while I go to work. They tell me that Carrie hardly moves from her spot at the lounge room window all day while I am out, waiting for me. She doesn’t come to play with the children or sit with them watching TV and, according to the kids, hardly eats or drinks either.

But as soon as she sees my car pull into the driveway, Carrie goes crazy – rushing around, jumping at the window, barking like mad and trying to force open the front door to get to me. (The children only let her out when I’ve parked, so I don’t run her over!)

Then she delightedly rushes up to me, before I have even fully gotten out of the car, rolls over, weeing with joy as soon as I pat her, and spreading the mess everywhere with her manic wagging!

My, that is a restorative for any bad day!

I am good to my dog in my own limited way, and love her company, but in an infinitely greater way, God showers us with good things and deeply desires our fellowship. Should our longing for Him and delight in His presence not be akin to that of my little dog?

Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind (Luke 10:27). In church, Christians sing songs of worship and love to God and sometimes even dance, clap and wave their arms enthusiastically because God is so wonderful and so praiseworthy it is difficult to express adequately our gratitude and love for Him.

We can sometimes almost tangibly feel His presence with us now but also wait eagerly to see Jesus “for real” because He has promised to one day come and take His followers to be with Him. May I learn from my little Carrie to be undistracted and patient, with my nose, as it were, pressed up against the pane, anticipating the first glimpse of my wonderful Master and delirious with joy in His presence.

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