Facing death

Death is only a fearful thing
If you have to face it alone
But surrender yourself to God’s infinite love
And death will be a coming home.

Your life is just a brief moment
An interlude in which you decide
Whether to take Christ as Saviour and Lord of your life
Or continue in sinning and pride.

Jesus loved you so much that He came as a man
Who died without sin in your place
Then He rose from the dead and returned from the grave
He’s been there, He knows what you face.

Trust in His love which has conquered all fear
Trust in His blood which has paid
The price for your sin, your sickness and guilt
Trust in the promises He’s made:

That beyond this life there is so much more
A place without crying or pain
A place without violence, or darkness or hate
A place where Jesus Christ reigns.

It’s as simple as saying a prayer of faith
As simple as turning away
From  your past and your sin and the things of this world
And choosing to walk in God’s way

And even in that, He will give you the strength
The resolve and even desire
To live in His will, stay in His grace
And avoid all the tricks of the Liar

Then when it comes to the end of your life
There will be no dark fear that awaits
But the firm expectation of love, peace and joy
Forever behind pearly gates.

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